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Messino White Vinegar With Tarragon 250 ml

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  1. Produced in Messinia, Peloponnese according to traditional methods.
  2. Elegant and distinctive flavour with light golden sheer colour.
  3. Made from Greek white wine of excellent quality and freshly cut rosemary.
  4. Add a few drops to your salads or sauces and make their taste unforgettable.
  5. A "must" for every kitchen.

Made with joy and care at every stage of production, the Messino White Wine Vinegar with Tarragon is a product with elegant yet distinctive flavour. It is made from wine vinegar  and fresh Tarragon according to traditional recipe. Just a few drops are enough to complete an elegant and delicious flavour in your food. A "must" for every's professional or amateur chef kitchen. 


Meet the producer


The history of Papadeas Vinegars Company goes back several years. Before 1974 Panagiotis Papadeas started supplying factories with wine for the production of alcohol spirit and vinegar in Athens and Piraeus. Inspired from these factories he decides  to start his own business of vinegar production. Therefore, he started collecting wines from local producers in the Peloponnese. Both the storage of the wine and the vinegar production was in large wooden barrels. The production of the vinegar was accomplished with a compination of the method of Orleans and Germany, according to which the total fermentation of the wine is accomplished in beech barrels, in which additional beech shavings were placed. The process involved the continuous import and export of wine through holes diametrically pointed on top of the barrel.