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Bariamis Sweets Greek Delight Pennyroyal with Orange zest 400gr

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  1. Pennyroyal and Orange zest flavour.
  2. Traditional recipe that has been enriched with various ingredients.
  3. Tasty morsels can be served with your coffee or tea.
  4. Very popular delicacy since the 19th century.
  5. No preservatives.

Greek delights are a sweet temptation that came to Greece, during the beginning of 19th century. Since then, the traditional recipe has been enriched with various ingredients and has a great variety of flavors. Thanks to the passion and art of the Greeks, the delights have won a great place in the heart of the Greek consumer.


These small but tasty morsels can be served with your coffee or tea at home or at a cafeteria. The greek delights can be consumed during the fasting/ the Lent and can impress with their refined taste at various social events (weddings, baptisms, etc.).


The Bariamis delights, with their taste and quality are the perfect treat for any occasion. A treat to sweeten your life and the lives of people you love.

Meet the producer

A "sweet" story begins in 1930 in Agrinio, when Mr Themistocles Bariamis establishes a small business with traditional sweets/ desserts, such as vanilla (well known as "submarine" sweet), candies, pastel bars and other Greek delights.


In 1960, his son Chris takes charge of the business with the same passion and the region of Western Greece discovers the taste and quality of the Bariamis company.


Nowadays, his children have undertaken to "introduce" the traditional delights abroad.
Taste the wonderful flavors of the traditional handmade delights of the Bariamis Company and you will discover all the forgotten flavors and aromas of the

Greek "land", which never stops to "offer" us so generously.


The production laboratory is housed in our own premises, in Agrinio. The high standards and of course the strict hygiene rules ensure the quality and safety of our products.


The "secret recipe" of the Bariamis sweet products depends on our high experience and passion to keep our tradition. Our products are produced with natural ingredients of high quality, personally selected in order to meet the high culinary demands of the modern consumer.
Developing steadily but still remaining faithful to the family tradition, we open new routes for our gourmet products, both within and outside of Greece.