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Trofos Co. was established in 2012 in Athens, Greece based on the vision of providing all natural Greek food of the finest quality to every possible destination in the world. We service both individual customers (retail) and companies of any size (wholesale) and our aim is to become your Trusted One-Stop Supplier of Greek Food Products.  

Each one of our products embodies a distinct gastronomic element which makes it exceptional. Our portfolio includes the full catalogue of more than 100 Greek Producers with high quality products of any kind which extend from a number of varieties of extra virgin Greek olive oil (organic, early harvest, aromatic etc) and goods that one selects for the everyday table (pasta, canned fish, sauces) to rare gourmet delights (i.e. escargot filet with garlic and lemon, smoked olives, special and unique appetizers).
We only select the finest products from community based, certified producers and family run businesses which we offer to our customers at the most competitive prices.
Most of the products we offer are:
·         Certified organic 
·         Fairtrade
·         Vegan products
·         Gluten free
·         Sugar free
But it’s not just about us. Greece’s exceptional weather and soil conditions are ideal for producing food products that are globally recognized for their quality, flavour and nutritional values.
Feel free to explore our food store where you will find:
-typical culinary tastes of the Greek Nature,
-exciting new products for your everyday table,
-thoughtful gifts for any occasion,
-even lower prices with our products in bundles,
-authentic step by step Greek recipes from our affiliate bloggers,
-interesting news about the Mediterranean diet and healthy tips!
With our kindest regards,
Trofos Co. Team