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Happy & Tasteful 2016 with New Collaborations!

Published on 11.01.2016 under News







We, at Trofos.Co wish you a happy and tasteful new year, full of health and prosperity for you and your beloved ones. Food is one of the most important things in our life: it helps us remain healthy, makes us happy, is a great opportunity to gather our family and friends and is the center which gathers our family together every Sunday, keeping us united and sharing moments of love. That's why we grab the opportunity to salute new collaborations with Greek Producers and the entrance of new and delicious products in our TROFOS range.


Papadeas Messino Wine Vinegars





Balsamico & Wine Vinegars The vinegar production is accomplished with the total fermentation of the wine in beech barrels. The result: delicious, aromatic vinegars that can highlight your cooking. The range includes gourmet balsamic cream and spiced vinegars with Greek Herbs! EXPLORE HERE


Alelma Alonissos Tuna




The only tuna worldwidely, which is completely free of mercury! The range includes tuna fillet in extra virgin olive oil, smoked tuna fillet, spicy tuna and tuna paste! Enjoy the unique Tuna of Alonissos, a new trend in the healthy food market and a must for all conscious consumers! EXPLORE HERE



Galatiano Organic Olive Oil




The Superior Category (Extra Virgin) Olive Oil GALATIANO is cold extracted from the harvest of private-owned certified organic olive fields of the land of Achaia. Taste unique Organic Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil in both editions: paper filtered and raw unfiltered! EXPLORE HERE

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